GENEALOGY: Services & Fees

* Our standard rate for research is $95 per hour plus expenses with minimum 25 hours of research. In comparison: charges $115 per hour with minimum 20 hours.

AncestryTold would be delighted to help you discover or strengthen your family tree! Email us to set up a 10 minute free Skype or telephone consultation on your research needs.

Our genealogical services are fashioned to meet your specific research, which may range from in-depth investigation into focused areas of your ancestry to problem solving your own research thus far – for example, find an ancestor.

AncestryTold has the production facility to provide additional service of filmed and edited conversations in relation to your Family Tree Report – for example, interview with an elder member of your family. Fees and conditions (travel costs and expenses) to be agreed in advance.

AncestryTold’s research is based on archival materials and not simply on hearsay or seemingly obvious connections. The research may include (depending on the number of hours allocated):

1) Custom research pertaining to either your paternal or maternal line performed by a professional genealogist going back up to four generations;

2) Printable report of the research that explains the result of the project;

3) Printable copies of original records, abstracts, or transcripts;

4) Printable copy of family tree;

5) Printable copies of found censuses, births, marriages and deaths; and,

6) Suggestions for future research.

Our standard rate for research is $95hr plus expenses with minimum 25 hours of research. Our service is pre-paid in full. The report takes on average 2-3 months to complete.

Expenses may include, but are not limited to, fees charged by public authorities for records and film orders placed on your behalf, travel and parking fees where necessary. The more specific your question,s the least amount of time required.

We will answer your questions in an efficient manner but cannot guarantee that a particular record or set of records exists. When presented with complicated questions or projects, we cannot predict in advance the time needed to find information. In that case, we usually charge a retainer fee. When the authorized maximum amount of hours is reached, we will seek authorization to continue, giving a progress report. Average time for turnover may vary but is generally 2-3 months.

Once again, please feel free to contact us ( to discuss your particular research needs and concerns. We look forward to discovering ways to help you fulfill your genealogical inquiries in the most affordable and efficient possible manner.


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Download: Contract for Genealogical Research & Information Form (pdf)



Disclaimers & Liabilities

Because the information we are seeking is from past generations, it may not have survived. We may search and search but it may not be there! Old photographs and letters from your First World War ancestor may have been lost or destroyed by descendants who found them of no value. Courthouses may have burned or flooded ruining existing records. Court costs may have been so high that your ancestor didn’t bother to register their deeds, etc. Old hometown newspapers may not have survived. Documents that were once there may have been removed and put into public collections by unlawful means. Or perhaps the document never existed. Was your family too far from a courthouse to register all births or deaths?  May your ancestor not have written a will? May your family have been on the move and not counted in the census?

Furthermore, some information found in public records may be inaccurate. An ancestor may have lied about his age to avoid being drafted into the army or likewise to be drafted into the army. A census taker may have assumed a youngster in the family was another child of the parents, rather than a grandchild. A widow may have given incorrect birthplace information for her husband’s death certificate. We cannot be held liable for incorrect conclusions based on the originator’s motive to deceive. However, rigorous and disciplined search can at times figure the proper data from other sources.

AncestryTold states that under no circumstances will it be liable to any person or business entity for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other damages caused by the information we provide or fail to provide, or by any other website to which this site is linked (a “third-party site”).

AncestryTold will hold all requests from clients and results of research in confidence as long as it does not compromise our ethical standards. Standards are set by the Association of Professional Genealogists [], an organization of which we are a member. If information can be found in public records, or if the facts are or can be known by others, or can be rightfully obtained from another nonconfidential source, then confidentiality can not be assured.

If some aspects of the findings can be useful to others in published form, AncestryTold reserves the right to use such material.

The content of all hypertext linked sites (a “third-party site”) is under the copyright and protection of those websites and permission from those sites for reproduction of any kind regarding those sites should be obtained directly from them.

We at AncestryTold abide by the Association of Professional Genealogists standards. For more information, please visit: APG Standards.

The services of  AncestryTold are available on a pre-paid basis only. To receive a research estimate, without obligation, simply email so that we can phone you to discuss search OR in your email you can describe the assistance you require. We will respond ASAP (usually within four to five working days). Please note, we offer a ten minutes of free telephone consultation.

For your convenience we accept all forms of online payments via PayPal including credit-debit cards and electronic checks. In addition, checks may be remitted via the US Postal Service, once agreement on amount of prepaid hours.

Note Bene: In genealogy there are no guarantees. We may find that no records exist for the person, place, or event you are looking for. However, we will give your request full attention and if the record exists, we will do our best to find it!


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